PractImage is an online reputation management & technology company for the healthcare industry. PractImage gives healthcare professionals an easy way to monitor and manage their online brand and reputation, while offering solutions and action items to build a positive online marketing and web presence.

We constructed our software into a self-service web tool, RepMonitor, that gives customers an easy way to manage patient chatter by concentrating it all in one place; we created a dashboard that provides regular reports, visual graphs, review summaries, notifications, and recommendations related to customers online reputation. Additionally, we help create avenues to encourage patient-provider communication, and ways to build positive feedback.

As a secondary level of service, PractImage provides “Managed Services” with customized solutions to help you improve and control your image and branding online, both for individual providers and for large health organizations.

PractImage exists to ultimately improve patient care by connecting the voice of the patient with the ear of the healthcare provider.  In the end, our goal is encourage an open communication between provider and patient – while giving healthcare providers the tools they need to monitor and manage their online reputation.

People who know us know we care.  Talk to our customers, business associates, or the community we live in, and each one will tell you that our leadership team is uniquely qualified for the task at hand.  Looking at doctor reputation management , online branding and patient feedback understanding is a core competency.  We understand that patients form opinions online about their providers, which is why doctor reputation management is a key piece to the puzzle. Our leadership team is on a mission to not only help people, but to make a positive, functional impact on the healthcare system.