PractImage partners with Vidant Health and ACHE for Patient Engagement Event

The NC Triangle Chapter of Health 2.0 is happy to announce an upcoming event centered around patient communication and experience. The event, titled Improving Community Health: Challenges & Best Practices for Patient Experience, will take place in the heart of Eastern Carolina–Greenville, NC–on May 5th, 2016 from 4:30-6:30pm. The event is hosted by Vidant Health and Eastern NC AHEC Monroe Conference Center, with Brasco ///, BBG and ECU as other sponsors.

PractImage’s Brandon Ives and Brent Anthony have played active roles in the planning and coordination for the event. Working alongside Vidant Health, ACHE and Health 2.0, the PractImage team assembled a panel of experts, community attendees, sponsors, and event marketing. The topic of the event expresses to practice managers, doctors, healthcare marketers and others that patient experience plays a critical role in the success of quality care. Vidant and Brasco invites attendees to explore the topic and work toward improving community care. The speakers include: Kim Blanton, System Patient Advisor, Vidant Health; Craig Hepp, ACO Executive, Coastal Plains Network; Melissa Roupe, Senior Administrator for Community Health Improvement, Vidant Health; Matt Womble, CEO, Bee Well; Brent Anthony, Director Strategy & Engagement, Brasco ///, NC Triangle Chapter Co-Founder, Health 2.0; and Beth Anne Atkins, MPA, Corporate Communications, Vidant Health.


About Health 2.0:

Health 2.0 NC Triangle provides a forum to showcase and discuss engaging and emerging topics in the realm of health innovation, digital health and technology through both online and in-person events, hackathons and conferences. The Health 2.0 NC Triangle chapter is transforming the Raleigh / Durham (Research Triangle Park) region and beyond by showcasing, exploring and encouraging healthcare innovation. As an associated chapter of Health 2.0 national, the organization holds regular meetings, bringing the community together to network, engage, learn about relevant topics, and see the latest demos from innovative healthcare companies.   The chapter has a LinkedIn group with over 900 members, representing people working in healthcare settings, health IT startups, academics, medical device companies, developers, investors, large EHR and CRO companies and more.

All who are interested in continuing healthcare innovation and progress can join us by registering for our events through this website and following us on:

LinkedIn –

Twitter – @health20NCTri


About ACHE:

The American College of Healthcare executives is a “professional society for healthcare executives dedicated to improving health.” The Triangle Healthcare Executives’ Forum of NC, or THEF, was founded in 1980 by a group of healthcare professionals responding to a need for a local professional organization. As an official chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives’, THEF offers professionals from all areas of healthcare opportunities to learn from content experts and each other about the most pressing issues affecting the industry.

The opportunity to meet and network with other healthcare professionals is unparalleled. The relaxed atmosphere of the educational sessions as well as leadership opportunities within THEF provide the ideal atmosphere to discuss and compare experiences and develop new ideas. (Information pulled from and


Links to:

Vidant Health

Brasco ///


Physician Online Reviews – Word of Mouth Referrals in Healthcare

Recent studies reveal across all industries, namely health care, that the number one driver of acquiring new customers continues to be a direct result of word of mouth marketing – meaning recommendations from one consumer to another. Doctors and providers in healthcare can see this phenomenon through tracking their patient inflow. In most markets, a high percentage of new patient acquisition will come from friends and family and referrals from other health care providers, which could also fall under word-of-mouth from someone within the referring practice. The force of word of mouth does regularly drive new patients into our waiting rooms. What you may not be aware of however is how much online reviews in particular are growing the influence of word-of-mouth referrals and are already no doubt impacting your digital reputation both as a doctor and a practice in a dramatic way. Even with word of mouth referrals, patients are doing their own homework online in the form of physician online reviews.

There are many examples of word of mouth coinciding with online reviews. A young couple finds out they are pregnant. A senior is diagnosed with cancer. A family is looking for a new asthma specialist or dermatologist for their children. A man is seeking a new primary care physician. In all of these day-to-day situations statistics show a consumer’s very first step is almost always conducting an online search – yielding reviews of the most highly rated providers in that field in a location near them. This is even after being referred via word of mouth. Being that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations1, it is becoming increasingly clear why what patients say about you online through both physician review sites such as and even business review sites such as Yellow Pages. If these are ranking high on your practice or personal name in search, they can make or break your practice when it comes to your new patient acquisition numbers. More than ever consumers are interpreting your physician online reviews as a representation of the quality of care and patient experience you provide. And with 72% of consumers believing that positive reviews allow them to trust a local business more1 – this means a patient is more likely to make an appointment with you over a competitor based on positive ratings online.

Here’s the bottom line: nearly 9 in 10 patients determine the quality of your practice by reading about you online before ever picking up the phone to make an appointment. 1 Do you know what patients are saying about you online? Are you in control of your ratings or physician online reviews?

The landscape of health care is changing and you need an expert to help establish, manage, and protect your online reputation. PractImage offers a solution called RepManager to track your online presence and manage online presence for health care providers just like you. Let us help you improve your practice and personal branding through monitoring, managing, and improving your online presence and building a strong overall online reputation. Contact us today for a free assessment.



Sources: 1Anderson, Myles. “Local Consumer Review Survey 2014 | Online Reputation Survey.” BrightLocal. N.p., 01 July 2014. Web. 19 Oct. 2015.

Online Reputation Monitoring Tools & Best Practices

Best Practices – Tips to improve your online reputation

We enjoy providing training for healthcare professionals when it comes to online reputation.  Here is a quick summary of some of the highlights we cover, and will begin to expand on here in future posts on

Tips/Ways to Self-improve online rep:

  • Establish….an online presence over a diverse group of webpages such as a personal website, social media pages, Vitals/HealthGrades/Etc, and more. PractImage will help you monitor each and every website your name is on.


  • Build on… reviews, comments, issues, and criticisms thanks to RepMonitor’s dashboard. Now, real time data from review sites, social media, and internet search results, is compiled into one place.  Reputation monitoring tools are critical to understanding what is out there and tracking progress over time.


  • Engage… in connections with others from patients to other doctors; read forums or “patient led groups” that your patients are connected. This will allow you to better understand and connect with your patients, as well as help PractImage analyze any data to help improve your practice and online reputation.