Doctor ratings, reputation, etc…how does it all work?

The following are questions that we often receive from new customers.


  1. Why do I need an online profile?

Because the internet has developed into an accessible and routine tool, and will continue to sustain itself, seeking a doctor or medical practice has become basically the same thing as shopping for any item online. People can search for a doctor’s credentials, read patient reviews, doctor ratings and much more through social media and websites such as Vitals, RateMD, and 40+ similar sites. Social media platforms and websites that provide feedback grants people and your patients the ability to form opinions about you and possible connections. With social media dominating the internet world, any lack of presence on the web has halted growth for practices and doctors. This means a presence online is an essential. However, this almost means that managing your online reputation is imperative.


If you are a professional who offers services to the public, your personal online reputation can be especially fragile.  It’s important to monitor it regularly, understand how it works and what the information means to you or your business, then have a plan for managing. That’s where PractImage comes in.


  1. What is Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management (ORM)
ORM is the process of controlling your image and how you are perceived by an audience online, in search results, on social media, in review sites, online media, and on a range of other important online properties that may display your information.  The first step is being aware that whether you know it or not, your likeness (both personal and organizationally) is being played on an online stage in front of the world.

Being aware, knowing where online you exist, and how to decipher that information to understand what it means, where you stand and how to improve is the process of managing your online reputation.

PractImage is a form of online reputation management & technology company for the healthcare industry.  PractImage gives healthcare professionals an easy way to monitor and manage their online brand and reputation, while offering solutions and action items to build a positive online marketing and web presence.


  1. So I understand what ORM and PractImage is, but do I need either? Do negative reviews really affect my reputation, and if so, how?


In the medical field, websites are available for people to post any reviews anonymously regarding a doctor, practice, or service. Unfortunately, these people–often your competitors or patients–compose negative statements regarding you or your practice. When people read one unpleasant review, it sends your potential patients or current patients to the competitor. People are more motivated to compose any negative remarks as opposed to positive remarks when posting online; PractImage knows that balancing positive and negative comments–to ensure the positive outweighs the negative–is necessary and imperative to improving your online reputation, and wants to help you every step of the way.


  1. Okay, so negative reviews can be detrimental. What should I do when I get negative reviews?


We understand that health care professionals live highly busy lives. However, it is important to make sure you respond to any negative comments online to protect your reputation from anything detrimental. PractImage’s software RepMonitor is here to help make sure you respond timely and appropriately.


  1. How do I involve patients to write good reviews online?


Many physicians have reservations regarding asking patients to write reviews online as a way to prevent bad reviews. One of the easiest ways is to simply send follow up emails that prompt patients to provide feedback. If necessary, PractImage knows plenty of other ways that can help you to encourage patients to provide other reviews, as well as assist you in monitoring what your patients post.


  1. How active should I be on my website, social media, and other websites?


When your name gets typed into google, do you only want the first link to relate back to you or your practice? Or do you want the first ten or so links all displaying different aspects of you and your career? In order to create your visibility, it is always recommended to have scattered reviews and posts over diverse review sites to attain the most prospective patient readership. PractImage can help you become active and determine the best sites to get your name on.


  1. How will PractImage help me?


PractImage constructed our software into a service web tool, RepMonitor, that gives customers an easy way to manage patient chatter by concentrating it all in one place; we created a dashboard that provides regular reports, visual graphs, review summaries, notifications, and recommendations related to customers online reputation. Additionally, we help create avenues to encourage patient-provider communication, and ways to build positive feedback. In the end, our goal is encourage an open communication between provider and patient – while giving healthcare providers the tools they need to monitor and manage their online reputation and ultimately, improving our customer’s career.