Healthcare Organizations

Online reputation in healthcare is a beast with two faces.  On one side is the individual provider, the doctor, dentist, or nurse practitioner who faces the challenge of managing their own personal brand.  The other face is about the practice, medical group, or hospital as a business entity with a true brand.  As a business you need to “know your customer” by understanding the patient sentiment, listening to feedback, and building a positive image for the organization.  It is critically important to understand how branding and reputation plays in to your bottom line as an organization, and know how to market yourself online and put forth the best possible image for the group.

PractImage gives you a valuable partner with technology that helps you track patient reviews, mentions, and search results related to your organization.  We give you the tools you need to manage and build a positive reputation for the organization.  There are other reputation management companies out there, but PractImage is the only premier provider focused in the healthcare space.  Our technology is specifically geared for healthcare organizations with unique reporting, administrative access, and reputation management tools to take your group to the next level.  We provide you with a powerful dashboard and notification system to keep you updated on latest online occurrences relating to your reputation.  With all of the information in one place, we provide business analytics to help you understand what it all means, how you’re performing and how to improve.  You will be assigned an expert reputation consultant to review the data and provide custom recommendations specifically for your situation.

We also work with partner representatives, such as marketing and PR agencies, practice management consultants, and other healthcare vendors who look to provide added value to their medical group clients.  We have mult-level administrative access which will allow you to manage multiple accounts and communicate seamlessly.


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