Online Reputation Monitoring Tools & Best Practices

Best Practices – Tips to improve your online reputation

We enjoy providing training for healthcare professionals when it comes to online reputation.  Here is a quick summary of some of the highlights we cover, and will begin to expand on here in future posts on

Tips/Ways to Self-improve online rep:

  • Establish….an online presence over a diverse group of webpages such as a personal website, social media pages, Vitals/HealthGrades/Etc, and more. PractImage will help you monitor each and every website your name is on.


  • Build on… reviews, comments, issues, and criticisms thanks to RepMonitor’s dashboard. Now, real time data from review sites, social media, and internet search results, is compiled into one place.  Reputation monitoring tools are critical to understanding what is out there and tracking progress over time.


  • Engage… in connections with others from patients to other doctors; read forums or “patient led groups” that your patients are connected. This will allow you to better understand and connect with your patients, as well as help PractImage analyze any data to help improve your practice and online reputation.